Years of experience have given us a streamlined approach to family office planning and development.
These four stages have proven to be solid stepping stones in the process:


Stages of Legacy Development


Stage 1: Assessment

To accurately assess the current state of your family's operations, Grey Dunes reviews your family assets, plans, and documents. We interview family members, key family advisors, and staff members in order to fully understand past events, where the family stands today, and hopes for the future. If requested, Grey Dunes will make recommendations for improvement according to industry best practices.

Stage 2: Development of the Strategic Plan

Grey Dunes works with your family and your family's advisor or staff team to prepare a detailed strategic plan following "chapters" of emphasis. This may be a comprehensive plan covering all major functional areas, such as mission, organizational structure, investments, estate planning, accounting, insurance, and risk management, or a specific initiative, such as selecting an investment advisor.

Stage 3: Implementation of the Strategic Plan

Grey Dunes works with your family team to execute your personalized strategic plan. We may use a proprietary spreadsheet or "work plan" to mark our progress. Grey Dunes drives this process and participates in implementation.

Stage 4: Advisor to Family and Family Office

Once the work plan is completed and we have achieved its strategic objectives, Grey Dunes can continue to advise and assist your family in many ways. Having become experts in your family's financial and related personal matters, we can make valuable contributions to the ongoing work of your office. Often a family will ask Grey Dunes to continue in a family advisory role.

"We have built immovable cathedrals in the sand."

- André Gide, Winner, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1947