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Established in 2005 by founder William J. Boer, Grey Dunes has successfully assisted more than Sixty families.

It has been our goal from the beginning to help entrepreneurial, ultra high-net-worth families to extend their legacies. Our services range from selecting investment managers and assessing existing family holdings to starting from the very beginning, building family offices from the ground up. Whatever the needs of your family, Grey Dunes has the wisdom and experience to help you meet - and exceed - your goals.

Building a solid family legacy in an ever-changing environment requires skill, patience, and wisdom. Because family issues are never as simple as black and white. Families bring a wide spectrum of personalities and needs to the table. Financial legacy planning is also multi-faceted, involving everything from investments to taxes, personal assets, business strategies, and foundations. We offer seasoned expertise and stability, ensuring your confidence in the outcome of the process.

With Grey Dunes, you can build a legacy that will last for decades.


"The color of truth is grey."

- André Gide, Winner, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1947