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I founded Grey Dunes in 2005 to help entrepreneurial, ultra high-net worth families like yours to extend their legacies by creating or enhancing a family office. In a recent survey, family offices were asked to rank their needs. Overwhelming response was the need for an independent and trusted advisor, overseer, and organizer.

Grey Dunes is qualified to meet these needs. It may begin with the new pursuit of legacy development, or somewhere further along in the process - perhaps reassessing an existing family office. Regardless of where you fall within this spectrum, our goal at Grey Dunes is first and foremost to protect and nurture the goals of your family.

My personal interest in assisting families to organize their lives began when I was a Boy Scout, tasked with packing regulation camping gear. Early on, I was passionate about arranging things; taking what may seem like daunting details and transforming them into a streamlined system, easy for everyone to understand. This gift for strategy has served me well in the field of family office work. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than applying my skills to assist a family who would prefer to invest their time and energy in pursuit of their own passions.

Whatever the needs of your family, Grey Dunes has the wisdom and expertise to meet them with objectivity and discretion. I appreciate your interest in Grey Dunes and look forward to partnering with you to further shape and secure your prosperity.


William J. Boer

President & Founder

"Bill's devotion to his craft and his clients is evident in everything he does. He has tremendous commitment to us and I get the sense that this is true for each of the families that he serves."

- Midwest Real Estate Investor (G3 Family Member)