Hear directly from our clients

"Bill's integrity speaks for itself. Bill's track record speaks for itself. He is a superb leader and organizer – a veteran in the family office industry. Very few consultants come from the experience of leading a large family office – Bill is a seasoned pro."

- Chairman of Midwest-based Forbes 100 Family Office (G2 family member) 

"I sold my company and decided to form my own family office with the proceeds. I wanted my family office to be efficient and entrepreneurial. Bill worked with me side-by-side as we designed and implemented the family office entity and strategic plan. Bill's personal knowledge of family offices gave me a huge head start and we put together a family office structure that exceeded my expectations."

- New York City Entrepreneur (G1 family member)

"I felt it wise to solicit a knowledgeable, outside opinion of the state of my family's business affairs as we ventured into a new era. I conducted several interviews of candidates to perform this function and selected Bill. My entire family is extremely grateful that we did. With experience and thoughtful analysis, Bill did an extraordinary job of summarizing our entire situation and guiding us through the creation of a fresh operational model that fit our new goals and objectives."

Midwest Real Estate Investor (G3 family member)

"We measured our investment in Bill in multiple ways. For example, we can identify multiple areas where he decreased our liability, tax, and legal risks, demonstrating significant savings in ongoing and 'event-driven' matters. He also identified inconsistencies and overlaps in service providers, which decreased costs while upgrading overall performance. But most helpful for us was his ability to educate family members as well as training and guiding office personnel towards a long-term plan."

CEO for a Southern Family Office (G4 family member)

"After spending twenty-three years in private banking and serving wealthy families, I accepted a position as president & CEO of a newly established family office. Although I was very comfortable with many aspects of what would be required, I had never actually run one. We hired Bill to assist us with a comprehensive effort involving all functional areas. Bill's work plan kept us aware of all necessary tasks and progress during the build-out and resulted in an efficient, effective operating office that exceeded our expectations."

New England Family Office CEO

"My executive team and I visited many family offices over a period of five years before I decided to form my own family office. During the course of our visits, we discovered Bill and Grey Dunes. The smartest decision we made was to hire Bill. He led us through a process which accelerated the development of our family office - which is many years ahead of where it would have been without him."

         - Florida Entrepreneur (Chairman and G1 Family Member)


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